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The Frank G. Brewer – Civil Air Patrol Memorial Aerospace Award

The award was established on December 31, 1959 to memorialize the devotion to youth and aerospace education of Mr. Frank G. Brewer, Sr.

Following Mr. Brewer, Sr.’s death in 1957, his oldest son, then Captain Frank G. Brewer, Jr., CAP, approached Civil Air Patrol to establish an aerospace award in his father’s memory. With the advice and encouragement of the Civil Air Patrol National Commander – Brigadier General Stephen D. McElroy, USAF – a new CAP regulation to establish the award was drafted and finalized in November 1959.

From 1960 through 1977, three awards were presented each year: one to a CAP cadet, one to a CAP senior member and one to an individual or organization outside of Civil Air Patrol. An Anniversary Award was subsequently added and presented every five years.

In 2004 the Brewer Award Committee decided to combine the individual and organizational awards as “Individual or Organization” and to rename the anniversary award “Lifetime Achievement”. This latter category is intended to recognize CAP members making “consequential and noteworthy” contributions for a period of 20 years or more.

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