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2000 - present

For his enduring contributions and leadership in engaging the public and students in the science of flight through video series, innovative laboratory experiences, and world-record-setting testing of unmanned aerial vehicles.
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For fostering an appreciation of general aviation flying by working to make it more accessible and affordable to all.”
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For his lifelong dedication to aerospace excellence, outreach, and education, as well as his passionate efforts in exciting and inspiring our next generation of scientists, engineers, and explorers by sharing his spaceflight adventures and knowledge.
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For his sustained international leadership in aerospace engineering education demonstrated by his authorship of an array of widely-read undergraduate and graduate textbooks with clear, engaging, and superior technical content and historical context.
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For dedicating 42 years to educating, leading, and inspiring students to pursue careers in aerospace through the formation of the TransSTEM Academy.
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2015   (No Award Was Given)

For advancing aerospace-oriented science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through their joint creation, sponsorship, and dedicated sustainment of the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC).
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For significant contributions of enduring value to aerospace education in the United States.
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For their passion and dedication in making aviation knowledge more accessible to pilots worldwide by combining elegant technology with clear, fun teaching featuring courseware that simplifies complex concepts for students.
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For exemplary accomplishment and collaborative work with numerous aerospace organizations to assist students, teachers and community leaders in understanding the science, skill and beauty of flight.

2010   (No Award Was Given)

A longtime aviation enthusiast and educator, Dr. Chabrian's passionate promotion of aerospace education and careers, nationally and internationally, has touched the lives of thousands of young men and women. Many lives have been changed and careers have been built from the scholarships, mentoring, and fellowship she has made possible through Women in Aviation, International. Her determination and enthusiasm serve as a role model to all who have chosen aviation as a career.

The award was presented by Lindsey Brewer, University of Wyoming, for Mr. Jonathan Gaffney, NAA President, at the 22nd Annual International Women in Aviation Conference, February 24-26, 2011, Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada.

For serving as the voice of collegiate aviation for 60 years in support of professional development, scholarship, industry collaboration and promotion of aviation and aerospace careers.

2007   (No Award Was Given)

2006   MARY FEIK (b. 1924)
In recognition of over 65 years of personal and professional dedication to aviation education as a teacher, mentor, innovator, pilot, engineer and leader to America’s youth.

Bio of Ms. Fiek, courtesy Minter Field Air Museum.

2005   DOCENTS OF NASM (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
For 30 years of leadership and dedicated service in support of the educational programming and outreach of the world’s most visited museum.

For substantially enhancing and expanding aerospace education by developing government and NASA-sponsored programs, enthusiastically supporting other organizations’ educational programs, inspiring countless numbers of the nation’s teachers and students.

For exceptional service and dedication in the promotion of aerospace education on a national and international basis, and for building coalitions and programs that support educational objectives.

For over 61 years of volunteer service during which the Civil Air Patrol inspired America’s youth to explore the wonders of aviation and space flight and promoted aerospace education excellence in the United States.

For significant contributions of enduring value in the field of aviation and space education in the United States.

In recognition of NASA's Spacelink Team's contributions to the educational community for over a decade of service of providing electronic access to NASA aeronautics and space-related information and educational materials.


In recognition of 35 years of contributions made to the advancement of aviation education as a developer and leader of innovative programs for national organizations, and as an unselfish mentor to teachers, students and numerous others by providing ideas and encouragement for their success.

For his national leadership and tireless efforts towards the advancement of aviation education for children of all ages.

For lifetime service to aviation education as an aviation industry representative, educator, volunteer, and friend to teachers, students, and numerous individual whose lives have been touched by the strength and belief that he has in making a difference in our children’s futures.

For more than 30 years of service and dedication to aerospace education so that the next generation of Americans will know and appreciate the economic and social importance of aviation to the nation. His continuing, life long dedication to aviation and space education has pioneered the development of aerospace education. His efforts have received national recognition and impacted millions of school children nationwide.

For 32 years of continuous outstanding classroom teaching, significant national leadership, and unique accomplishments in aviation education at all levels. As Professor, Chair, and Dean of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University he has played a key role in the development of the largest Professional Pilot College Degree program in the world

For nearly a half-century of leadership and innovation in aviation and aerospace education at all levels, kindergarten through university. His pioneering leadership has been demonstrated at the local community level, as well as state, regional, national and international levels. His work involved stimulating volunteers in Civil Air Patrol's programs as well as educators at all grade levels and curricular areas. He is also recognized as an author and editor

For outstanding contributions of enduring value in the field of aviation and aerospace education in the United States and internationally. Among many notable achievements, Mr. Kiteley has enhanced the quality of aviation education through the development of airway science curriculum and the creation of the Council on Aviation Accreditation.

For outstanding contributions of enduring value in the field of aviation and aerospace education in the United States and internationally. Dr. Maples has provided leadership in aerospace education for teachers, managers, administrators, pilots, and aviation maintenance personnel. His aviation education programs have served as models for many other colleges and universities in the United States and overseas

For over 40 years of creative leadership, personal accomplishments and professional contributions to aviation and space education. As Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy, as President of the Spartan School of Aeronautics and as President of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he has been instrumental in developing and delivering aviation and space education to thousands of today's aviation professionals.

For his lifetime contribution of motivating, inspiring, and teaching aerospace sciences, aircraft design, construction, and maintenance to two generations of students at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. He epitomizes the very best of the many thousands of dedicated aerospace educators and leaders who motivate our young men and women to take up careers in aviation. Without the dedication of educators like Lockhart Smith, the United States could not have achieved its position of worldwide leadership in aviation and space.


1989   (No Award Was Given)

For his many years of outstanding aviation/space educational leadership in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) education and governmental affairs programs. His efforts resulted in inspiring millions of young people and thousands of educators and public officials.

Bio: Dr. Graves is Special Assistant for Governmental Affairs at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Former member of the Texas House of Representatives and has held several management positions with NASA. BA from Texas Southern University and was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Princeton University. Author of two books for elementary students called Famous Black Americans. He is an honorary board member of Shades of Blue whose mission is helping students prepare for careers in aviation and aerospace.

1987   DR. JOHN D. ODEGARD (b. 1941, d. 1998)
For his distinguished and inspiring leadership in creating new educational opportunities for future aerospace professionals. Moreover he has contributed immensely to the aviation training and motivation of young people and strengthening of the nation's air transportation system

Bio of Mr. Odegard, courtesy of University of North Dakota.

For his outstanding contributions and enduring commitment to aviation and space education in both the military and civilian sectors.

For nearly six decades of aerospace education leadership; attracting, motivating and educating the youth of the nation; and exemplifying the very spirit and purpose of the Frank G. Brewer Trophy.

For outstanding contributions to the growth and development of aerospace education, across the entire spectrum, from the grass roots to high government and industry levels.

For a lifetime of devotion, participation and extraordinary support of all elements involved in aerospace activities and education. He has had a profound individual as well as professional impact on aerospace education during his many years as a pilot and a United States Senator.

For his ability to combine superior qualities as organizer, administrator, educator and orator, together with his practical wartime experience as a fighter pilot has enabled him to accomplish outstanding improvements in many aeronautical organizations, including the Civil Air Patrol, the National Congress on Aerospace Education and the World Aerospace Education Organization. His devotion to constantly learning more about aeronautics and sharing his knowledge with others, nationally and internationally, has provided outstanding improvements in aerospace education.

For over a decade of outstanding leadership in aviation education. He has personally been involved in instigating and promoting programs for teachers, students, pilots and the general public. His efforts have been felt in high schools, colleges, flight schools and aviation safety seminars, and have involved motion pictures, slide presentations, radio, television and national magazine features.

1980   FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND DR. JEROME P. KEUPER, President and Founder, Florida Institute of Technology
For outstanding contributions of enduring value to aerospace education in the United States. Florida Institute of Technology is unique as it is the only university in the United States offering both aviation and space science programs and is the only independent technological university in the United States.


For outstanding promotion of aviation education for the young for over a quarter of a century; for the motivational impact his aviation programs have had on thousands of young Americans; for his initiating "Project Schoolflight," the program of building an aircraft in the schools; for inspiring air minded youth to work with hand and mind toward a common goal, the completion of an airplane

1978   MICHAEL COLLINS, Under Secretary of The Smithsonian Institution and the team of people he assembled while serving as Director of The National Air And Space Museum
He was elected for having put into place a vibrant and exciting education apparatus available to every citizen reminding Americans of their proud heritage of aviation and space accomplishments, and inspiring young people to help contribute new advancements in aeronautics and astronautics.

For outstanding leadership and performance in a number of activities in furthering aviation and space education, including chairmanship of the California Task Force on Aerospace Aviation Education. He also authored federal legislation establishing a civil aviation information distribution program designed to provide state and local school administrators and college university officials with information materials and expertise on various aspects of civil aviation.

For his dedication, enthusiasm and contributions to aviation and space education over the past 20 years, and specifically for his sensitive responses and creative leadership which has become a standard for all to respect and emulate.

For his dedication in the development of creative and imaginative aviation education programs in government, industry and the academic community which have impacted and enlightened millions of people throughout the world about air transportation.

For his outstanding contributions to the field of aerospace education over the years serving as educator, author, lecturer, pilot and consultant; working for the educational community as well as government and industry in the furtherance of aerospace education; and most recently for creating, launching and serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Directory and The Journal of Aerospace Education.

For three decades of outstanding contributions to air age education and training in the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the field of higher education, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and through the National Aerospace Education Association. Hundreds of thousands of elementary and secondary school pupils and teachers have benefited from his innovative leadership in aviation and space education.

1972   DR. WAYNE O. REED
As one of the nation's foremost exponents in aerospace education on both the state and national level, he has been instrumental in introducing millions of young people into an understanding of the air age.

For his unselfish dedication to the cause of youth aviation and education as a teacher at Parks College for nearly a quarter of a century and, specifically, for his leadership and exemplary efforts in founding and nurturing the National Intercollegiate Flying Association and Alpha Eta Rho.

For his unflagging endeavors in developing and introducing aviation and space concepts to the youth of the nation. His demonstrated ability in managing the National Aerospace Education Council, his writing and creative abilities and his continuing contributions to education throughout his distinguished career as an aerospace education leader.


1969   James H. Straubel
For outstanding contributions to the growth and development of aerospace education in the United States and abroad--as a stimulant, catalyst and innovator--during more than two decades, both as Executive Director of the Air Force Association and of the Aerospace Education Foundation.

1968   Joseph T. Geuting, Jr.
For more than 20 years of dedicated involvement in numerous national aerospace education programs, and particularly for his influential and innovative leadership in General Aviation through encouraging industry's active participation in aerospace education to enrich the school curricula and give to the youth of our nation a deeper understanding of the meaning of flight and its impact upon their lives.

1967   Dr. Roland H. Spaulding
For forty years of continuous, outstanding, and pioneering contributions in aerospace education to the youth of the nation, as a classroom teacher and as an educational administrator; for his dynamic and inspiring teaching of thousands of students and teachers; for his efforts in organizing and directing aerospace education workshops for teachers; for his active participation and unstinted service as a member and as an officer of numerous aerospace organizations and committees, many of which he is a charter member; and for his leadership and perseverance, resulting in significant achievements in fostering the inclusion of aviation and space concepts in educational systems throughout the nation.

1966   Dr. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr.
For his continuous and enthusiastic contributions to the education of youth as to the place of aviation in their lives today and its promises and challenges for tomorrow; for his energetic, imaginative and innovative programs as Special Assistant for Aviation Education, Office of General Aviation Affairs of the Federal Aviation Agency, which have brought the educational community in closer contact with aviation; for the inspiration and encouragement he has given to thousands of teachers and students; for his past leadership of the national program of aviation education of the Civil Air Patrol; and for his long years of service as a charter member and officer of the National Aerospace Education Council.

1965   Mrs. Jane N. Marshall
For her contributions to enlarged aerospace horizons for those who teach our nation's youth. Through her creative writing in educator-oriented aerospace publications, her development of timely bibliographies and teaching aids, and her leadership in the organization and administration of aerospace education work shops for teachers, she has contributed significantly to fuller understanding of the impact of flight upon all Americans.

1964   Gill Robb Wilson
For his writing, his speaking and his devoted public service, which has brought the message of aerospace to the minds and hearts of the American young people. He has translated the knowledge and skills of the flyer into the language that is both meaningful and inspirational to the millions of young people who have heard him speak and read his prose and poetry. His entire career has been one of education, in the fullest and finest sense.

1963   Marilyn Link
For her distinguished and outstanding meritorious service to the Air Youth of America in aerospace education, and for her work towards the stimulation, guidance, encouragement and inspiration of young minds to make some truly great accomplishments in aviation and aviation safety. Her personal participation in programs for the Link Foundation and aerospace education have encompassed 18 colleges and universities from Massachusetts to the State of Washington, and from Michigan to Texas. The programs have embraced fellowships, scholarships, workshops, seminars and conferences.

As of Feb. 2010 Ms. Link is Trustee and Director Emeritus - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Special Advisor - Florida Institute of Technology and resides in Vero Beach, Fla.

View presentation photo from 6/27/1964. Location: Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC.
The Link Foundation

1962   Dr. Merlyn Mclaughlin
For distinguished and unselfish service to aviation education over a period of years as a writer and lecturer, a pioneer aviation teacher and administrator, a Civil Air Patrol leader, and an officer of the United States Air Force.

1961   James V. Bernardo
For developing a plan of national space mobile demonstration units to supplement high school science programs; personally organizing and teaching 32 aviation education workshops in 21 United States colleges prior to joining NASA; and authoring the book “Aviation in the Modern World," which covered both aviation and space exploration.

1960   George N. Gardner, Pan American World Airways, Inc.
As Education Director of Pan American Airways, for his singular contribution to aviation education through the publication of materials tailored specifically to classroom use, through educational travel, and through the development and administration of an original and highly educational model aviation event.


1959   Dr. Paul E. Garber, Head Curator and Historian, National Air Museum
For 38 years of outstanding service to youth and their education in aviation by planning, providing, and displaying education exhibits in the National Air Museum.

1958   Dr. Evan Evans
For outstanding service to aviation education as the Executive Director of the National Aerospace Education Council, and as a teacher and school administrator with a national reputation in aviation education.

1957   Edwin A. Link (1904-1981)
Whose inventive genius has resulted in the development of simulators and other devices which directly contributed to the education of hundreds of thousands of aviators and whose unselfish dedication to aviation education resulted in his establishing and liberally endowing the Link Foundation which will provide, for years to come, financial support for students and research in the field of aviation education and training.

View presentation photo from 12/15/1957.
View trophy photo from the 1960s.

1956   Ray O. Mertes
For distinguished and unselfish service to the youth of America through his leadership in the field of aviation as a school administrator, lecturer, author and director of the School and College Services of United Airlines.

1955   Willis C. Brown
For services rendered in seeking, through group action, to interest more youths in some phase of aviation through classroom and experience-type programs.

1954   Dr. John H. Furbay, Director, Air World Education, Trans World Airlines
For his outstanding contribution to the development of air youth in the field of education and training through his effective and inspirational series of talks to teachers about the responsibilities of citizenship in the air age.

1953   Dr. Leslie A. Bryan, Director, Institute of Aviation, University of Illinois
Dr. Bryan, author of numerous books and articles on many aviation subjects, specifically developed a program for students and the faculty of the University of Illinois, which has supervised the training of over 7,000 without a single injury.

1952   Civil Air Patrol
In recognition of the thousands of volunteer Civil Air Patrol members who have unselfishly devoted their time and effort in the development of the CAP Cadet and Teaching Training Program.

1951   Dr. Harold E. Mehrens, Supervisor of the Aviation Education Program, Civil Aeronautics Administration
Dr. Mehrens conducted ground school courses of the CAA's Civil Pilot Training Program and prepared instructional material in navigation and meteorology, and qualified for all seven of the ground school ratings. He served with CAA's foreign national program, authored numerous magazine articles and books including "Adventures in Aviation Education."

1950   Senior Lt. John H. Burton, USN
For inspiring and effective leadership in planning and carrying out the 1950 air youth education and model airplane programs of the U.S. Navy.


1949   Mrs. Elsie W. Adams, Supervisory Teacher, Denver Public Schools
For her practical and effective application of aviation to the processes of education. Her efforts made the Denver school system one of the most advanced in the nation in aviation education work. She wrote numerous articles and outlines for instruction on aviation education for leading education journals.

1948   Philip S. Hopkins, President, Board Of Education, Binghampton, New York
For almost a dozen Air Age Education activities. He created and promoted the idea of an Air Age Center in each school to contain visual aids, wall charts, pictures, maps, magazines, etc., which could be used by teachers. Mr. Hopkins traveled to over 13,000 teachers on aviation subjects. His trainer, similar to a small plane, led to the development of the "School Link" now used in many schools throughout the nation.

1947   Dr. Nickolaus L. Englehardt, Jr., Air Age Education Research
For his active participation in the field of Air Age Education in building up valuable aviation teaching aids, plus his 1947 teaching development, "Flying Classrooms."

1946   Dr. Frank E. Sorenson, Associate Professor of Education, University Of Nebraska
Dr. Sorenson's work was recognized in determining just what knowledge teachers must have to effectively instruct pupils for air-minded youth. He prepared such books as, "Elements of Pre-Flight Aeronautics" and "Now We Fly." He was frequently a consultant to NAA on aviation matters.

1945   Dr. Huber W. Hurt, Director Of Development And Research, Boy Scouts Of America
For his outstanding contribution to the education of American youth, through his work in the Air Scouting movement. He organized a system of incentive awards for the study of aviation by members of the Boy Scouts. He authored the Scout Hand book, "The Yearbook of Aviation for Young Men."

1944   Dr. Edgar Fuller, Assistant Director, Aviation Education Program of the Civil Aeronautics Administration
For the outstanding contribution of Air Youth, in his work as Assistant Director of Aviation Education, Civil Aeronautics Administration. Dr. Fuller worked in each of the 48 states for organization of various phases of aviation education in elementary and secondary schools, as well as colleges.

1943   Civil Aeronautics Administration
For the Civilian Pilot Training Program, making it possible for 250,000 youths, 15 to 18 years of age, to exploit their interest in aviation, by availing themselves of aviation education on a nation wide basis in high schools.

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